About Me

Some of my friends call me Mrs. Mikesch... Some of my friends call me Heather... 3 very special people call me "Mom." I wear many hats and love the different roles I have earned. 20 years ago, I married my best friend, Matt. We have 3 children, Emily, Jake, and Clayton, who complete our family!  I also have earned the role as "kindergarten teacher."  17 years ago I began teaching kindergarten and I've stayed put! My family embraces this role right along with me and helps me with classroom setup, prep, etc.  My daughter enjoys it so much she wants to be a kindergarten teacher :)  Our family traditions include trips to the U.P. in Michigan each summer, going to sporting events together, dinner together as a family, regular movie nights...  Some of my favorite things:  coffee, reading, listening to a variety of music genre, watching hockey, baseball, soccer, basketball, football...  FAMILY TIME